Chronological synthesis of the history of the Airbase Kleine Brogel- 10th Wing.

Second World War
Forming the 10th Wing
Thunderjet period
Thunderstreak period
F-104G Starfighter period
F-16 Fighting Falcon period

Formation of the 10th Wing.

June 12, 1951:
The old, abandoned military airfield of Kleine-Brogel is once again expropriated. This time by the Belgian Air Force. This is due to the large expansion program for the Belgian Air Force as a result of the deteriorating political relations with the Soviet Union during the Cold War (Korean War).
Juli 9, 1951:
By order AO46/51 of July 9th, 1951, instructions are given to form the 10th Fighter Wing with its three squadrons. The formation date of September 1st, 1951 is determined and the different initial locations for the squadrons are established: the 23rd Sqn at Chièvres Airbase, the 27th Sqn at Florennes Airbase and the 31st Sqn at Beauvechain Airbase October 1st, 1951.
The 23rd Sqn is to receive Spitfires XIV of one of the active squadrons of the 1st Wing, the 27th Sqn is to be equipped with Spitfires XIV of the 1st Sqn, 2nd Wing and the 31st Sqn is to take over the aircraft of the Auxiliary Squadron at Beauvechain.

The order states furthermore that all three squadrons are to be equipped with F-84E Thunderjets in 1952 and from then on are to operate from a still to be determined location.
October 15, 1951:

As a result of the unbridled expansion of the Air Force, plans are regularly adjusted.
According to order AO59/51 all key personnel of the three squadrons are to move to Chièvres on October 8th, 1951. All remaining personnel are to follow on November 1st, 1951.
All pilots are transferred until the latter to the Auxiliary Sqn at Beauvechain.

Aircraft and support equipment must be provided by the 1st Wing, Beauvechain.
November 5, 1951:

A group of Spitfires is transferred from Chièvres to Beauvechain. Starting from March ’52 a second batch is delivered from the depot at Wevelgem. A maximum of 26 operational Spitfires is reached in June ’52.

The last ‘Spit’ hours are flown in July 1952. The last of the Spitfire XIV is decommissioned in November 1952.