The museum consists of three parts: four aircraft on static display, five ready to use vehicles and a museum with annex.

The aircraft on display are: a F-84E Thunderjet, a F-84F Thunderstreak, a F-104G Starfighter and a CM-170 Fouga Magister.

Our vehicle park consists of a 1953 Willys Jeep, a Jaguar Sedan in tiger colors, an ATA aircraft tractor and two pilot vans in the colors of the 23rd  and the 31st Squadrons.

The museum shows in a chronological order the construction of the airfield and its operational use by the Canadian and Belgian Air Force with their specific aircraft types. This history runs from 1944 until today. This history runs from 1944 until today.
The aircraft on display are situated on the lawn across the officers mess “Hof Bergendal”. The vehicles are parked in front of the museum which is housed in the westerly wing of Building 9.
Last but not least, a vast collection of air force memorabilia (called the Tiger Air Force Museum) is situated in Hangar 140 just across the street of  the museum.

On request motivated volunteers, usually former military of the 10th Wing and proud to have been part of this history, are available to guide you through the museum.


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